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Why Saeed Khalili ?


I've worked at dozens of films and series as VFX designer, supervisor and compositor, more than 15 projects in the last 5 years. my favorite films are simply Sci-Fi and fantasy films. I've started my own VFX team from 2014 a group of pro crew capable of handling all kinds of movies. we will be happy to work by your side...



There are many softwares that we use and I can teach theme to other users compact or normal semester, from autodesk 3d studio max and adobe after effects to small softwares like trackers or scanners and modelers.

Visual Effects

Any kinds of VFX for movies, series, clips or teasers, from 3D environments and characters to 2D cleanups and corrections, this is our first profession and we are good at it, you can have a free consultation in pre production to have a better quality with lower budget in output, VFX is not just cleanings or creating, it's also finding a better way to produce an artwork!

film making

I've directed lots of clips and teasers, my academic discipline is also bachelor of cinema directing. I can manage all the production team here for short films and clips to long films.

Motion graphic

2017 Demoreel

Advertising teaser

I will be glad to see you!

the change to a grater future starts with a good movie

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